OK kids, it's story time with Greg!... go potty, get comfy and listen up.

If you have cruised on the highway and wondered what the heck is a Stonehenge doing in the middle of nowhere...well I got the facts.

Maryhill Stonehenge
Getty Images/iStockphoto

A gentleman by the name of Samuel Hill funded the replica of the world famous Stonehenge monument (located in Wiltshire England.) The reproduction is a tribute to World war 1 soldiers killed in battle. The Monument was one of the first war memorials in America.

The original Stonehenge was thought to be built by druid priests as a sacrificial temple for the war gods...WHAT!.... sacrificing people?

The replica is set up exactly like the original and the rocks used are native stones from Washington state. The memorial was completed in 1929.

That's all I have!...time for a nap!!

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