Most of us got smacked on the butt a couple of times growing up to learn respect. I was curious about what moms and dads used, so I asked on Facebook and I haven't stopped laughing since!

The No. 1 answer was wooden spoon!

But check out the variety and creativity of some parents:

  • shoe
  • Hot Wheels race track (the orange ones)
  • twig
  • ping-pong paddle
  • tree switch
  • slipper
  • flip flop sandals
  • coloring books
  • fly swatter
  • big red stick
  • 5-inch wide belt
  • horse strap
  • hair brush
  • pancake spatula
  • wavy paddle stick that had "Arizona State Board of Education"
  • paint-stirring stick
  • throw a shoe (La Chancla)
  • Bolo paddle (paddle ball)


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