Over the years water lanterns are becoming a growing event around the country, even the world.

For decades aerial or floating lanterns have been very popular, but many communities are leery about such festivals or launchings due to fire danger.

Now many cities are having water lantern festivals. It's pretty simple, you decorate your lantern with whatever you want. Many people will write inspirational quotes, or perhaps dedicate it to a deceased relative or friend.

Then at dusk, they're lit, and all launched. When grouped on the water, they're pretty impressive looking. The City of Hiroshima in Japan is known for it's water lantern event.

The Tri-Cities Water Lantern Festival is coming May 25th to Columbia Park, gates for the event open at 4, there will be food trucks and vendors and more. And you design your lantern during the period prior to the launch which starts at 7:30pm.

For more information about the even and how to get involved, with the whole family, click on the button below.

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