I'm pretty sure every fisherman has a good 'fish story.' Some are exaggerations, some are full-on truth but lack proof. These days, video proof is often captured with the touch of a button on a smartphone. Video proof has skeptics, though. Cheap or free video editing software has made it easy for people to create viral videos that are total B.S. Such is the case with this video where a fisherman on the water outside of Westport, WA catches a large fish and displays his fillet skills. Suddenly an entire, unopened bottle of Fireball whiskey slides out of the fish's stomach! I don't think there was any video editing trickery here, but most of the comments are calling it fake for various reasons. Like, why isn't the label on the whiskey faded if it was inside a fish? But I think I can spot a bad actor and this guy seems genuine to me. There was no outrageous shock that often accompanies bad acting and I thought his response to finding the whiskey was a normal reaction. Check out the video below and see what you think. Real or fake?



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