West Richland Police Will Ticket You In Front Of Elementary Schools Doing This

West Richland Police are looking for you. 

A police office on the side of the road as he writes a ticket.

West Richland Police Says Follow The Rules Or Get A Ticket

You might think that it only takes a minute but it's breaking the law and West Richland Police will ticket you no questions asked.

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You'll try to give an excuse but the West Richland Police says they'll ticket you no matter what.

Woman in car signing speeding ticket for policeman

West Richland Police are really having problems around Tap Teal Elementary and they've decided to start writing tickets.

west richland police
west richland police

West Richland Police Have Decided Enough Is Enough Of Warnings

I spy with my little eye…. the letter “P”!
We received a complaint today about vehicles parking in the no-parking zone during school let-out hours.
The complaint was for Tap Teal Elementary School, located at 705 N 62nd Avenue. The fine for said violation is $50, and the first warning will usually be…" that pesky sign".
10.12.060 Parking is prohibited at all times on designated streets.
It is unlawful when signs are erected giving notice thereof, for any person to park a vehicle at any time upon any of the following streets, parts of streets, access easements, and/or road rights-of-way:
O. Gray Street (south side) from Grosscup Boulevard to North 62nd Avenue
V. North 62nd Avenue from West Van Giesen Street to Gray Street.

Apparently, it's become an issue at Tap Teal Elementary and West Richland Police are now warning drivers not to park in the no-parking zone.

If you do it, expect a ticket so the best advice I can give you is don't do it. no matter how easy you think it is.

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