The West Richland Police Chief had a little fun with some "scammers" after getting a call from the "Social Security Office". He decided to call them back and have some fun at their expense

Check out the video below and get a good chuckle, Thanks Chief, we needed the chuckle.

Chief Majetich calling back the "Social Security Office" after being notified his social security number was being "suspended"
Chief Majetich received a call today saying there had been some suspicious activity using his social security number and that it was in danger of being suspended. The electronic call then told him to call back to fix this problem. He did to have some fun.
Folks, this is a SCAM. No one will call you from the IRS, Social Security Office, Police Department, Sheriff's Office or any other government agency threatening suspension, arrest or fines.
If you receive a call of this sort, hang up and block the number. You can call your local police department for more information if you have any questions or concerns.


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