West Richland Police Says They Are Writing Tickets For Overgrown Weeds

If you don't want a massive fine from the West Richland Police, you might want to chop down your overgrown weeds.

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Spray Your Weeds Or You'll Be Facing A Fine According To West Richland Police

In a posting on the West Richland Police Department Facebook, West Richland Police are reminding residents that their overgrown lawns and weeds could get a big fine.

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There is a science according to the posting and a reason why vegetation and weed growth should be kept to shorter than 6 inches. If your weeds are over 6 inches high, you could risk getting a $250 fine.

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A Hefty $250 Fine Awaits You If You Don't Cut Down Your Weeds Say Police

Here are the complete posting details from the West Richland Police Department:

WRMC 8.16.030 Vegetation Nuisance ($250 fine)
Since the beginning of June, I have been busy handling overgrown and dry vegetation/weed issues, before our Fourth of July celebrations. Our code states that dry/dead vegetation cannot exceed 6 inches. Why is this important?
A firefighter of many years advised that there is fire science behind this code. He stated that dry vegetation is considered a "fuel load". The height of fuel load is directly related to the fire's intensity, flame length, and heat. Having 1-2 inches high dry/dead vegetation will slow a potential fire down (low flame, less heat).
Slowing a fire is key, to giving first responders a chance to get there. Keeping your vegetation cut down aids you, your family, and your property should a fire emergency arise.
Below is a link for more information about fire science.
Please keep dry areas on your property cut down. Complaints can be made at westrichland.org, and click on the "Report a concern" tab.
The post caused a flurry of comments below the posting. The fine is $250 and not worth it. You can read more details on the posting here

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