On February 5th, around midnight, Terry Poma was on Van Giesen, across the street from the West Richland Post Office, when his life took a traumatic turn. He had been riding his bike home from his job at the Richland Rite Aid, when he decide to get off his bike and walk, so he could safely respond to a text message. As Terry walked his bicycle down Van Giesen street, the last thing he remembers is headlights approaching him from behind. The next thing that happened is a mystery, everything went black and he woke up in the hospital, confused and in pain.

It was believed to have originally wrecked on his bike, until details surfaced and it became clear that he had been involved in a hit and run accident. Terry suffered a serious head contusion, two broken legs and has pins holding his legs and feet together. Someone hit Terry and left him to fight for his life. Luckily a driver discovered Terry and called the police. If you witnessed anything strange that night or the accident itself, you are asked to reach out to the West Richland Police Department.

We hope that Terry makes a full recovery and the person who hit him and left him on the street is found and held accountable. Once again, if you have any information please contact the West Richland Police Department or you can shoot us a message here on KORD and we will be certain to get the information where it belongs. Thanks for your help and we wish you well Terry!

Terry Poma xray
Terry Poma xray



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