It's been almost exactly nine years ago that my Christmas tree was taken down in a nontraditional way. (Video link at the bottom)

Christmas in my home has always been full of fun, laughter, games, and energy; in 2013, it proved to be one of the most memorable ones. Gifts had been unwrapped, bellies were full and kids were restless. Daring each other to different tricks, such as the splits, cartwheels, and eventually, a full front flip, my two girls and their friend were keeping us all entertained. My daughter Kamrace and her friend Destiny were both into dance and tumbling, whereas my other daughter, Bret was an avid soccer player. The two dancers challenged the soccer player to do a flip in the center of my living room, so naturally, I grabbed my phone and started to record.

Destiny went first with a back handspring, and it was graceful and flawless. Next up, Kamrace, who did a talented front flip, and once again it went off without a hitch. So far, so good. Until Bret, the soccer player attempted to do one of the worst acrobat stunts I have ever seen in my life! She went in with confidence, she sprung forward, dipped down, and planted her hands flat on the floor, throwing her legs straight up into the air. Suddenly she was doing a handstand! It was like she had forgotten what she was doing! Her body stayed stiff as she progressed with her "flip" and her body came crashing down, consuming the entire Christmas tree. She landed smack dab in the center of the tree! Pine needles and ornaments tangled in her legs as we all looked on in shock.

As if she had done the whole thing on purpose she jumped up, walked straight up to the camera, and declared she had, "nailed it!" Since I recorded this video it has been featured on America's Funniest Home Videos, it's been the number one most-watched video of the week on MSN's Homepage, and has been replayed on many montage mishaps.

To watch this video you can click HERE and enjoy a chuckle and a little peek into Janis' everyday life with her kids.



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