Natalie Smith, from West Richland, is no stranger to the spotlight when it comes to being featured for her hunting and fishing skills. Back in 2019, we did a story on Natalie when she reeled in a sturgeon from the Columbia river, weighing over 300 pounds.

We recently caught up with Natalie to see what she has been up to and to no surprise she spends most of her time toting a rifle or casting a reel! She is also hoping to be featured on a calendar! The fan page, "Ladies in the Outdoors" are hosting a calendar contest and we want to help generate votes for our local gal! You can vote HERE, just like the photo and that is a "vote" for Natalie.

She has had many memorable hunting and fishing adventures, but when asked what was her favorite, this is what she said;

My husband and I scouted new territory to hunt the day before opener. About 4:30pm, Friday, Aug 31, 2018, I noticed him at the bottom of a very steep embankment about 200yrds down. He was laying on the ground spread out and appeared to be sleeping so we were able to sneak out without disturbing him. Couldn't sleep for shit that night lol. Saturday Sept 1, Opening day. We went back to the same location and hunted literally ALL day without seeing anything at all. Couldn't sleep again. I was so motivated to harvest this bear. Sunday Sept 2 I chose to go down to where we had spotted him napping. It was rough. At times it was so thick and dark I could barely push my way through. I was creeping along when I noticed a dark spot across the draw about 75yrds. Honestly, I thought it was a burn spot in the tree. Nope, it was a bear head. His body was hidden behind the tree. He turned his head and I could see his ears... Game on! After trying to find a better spot to shoot, I positioned myself right where I first noticed him. I sat on my knees and waited patiently for what felt like forever!!! He finally got up and started walking to the left of the tree. (DEEP BREATH) He then stopped, turning his head towards me. I sat there staring at his beauty before preparing my shot. He stood broadside completely still staring at what I can only think is me! I aimed. I shot. I succeeded.


Nobody likes this part but after I shot, he dropped about only 10yrds away from where he was standing. Perfect lung shot. We cleaned him up and started our pack out. My husband carrying the hide, and myself carrying all the meat. I was so proud of myself, I started crying. The adrenaline rush that hunting gives me is like nothing else on this earth. Being able to provide for my family in the truest way of harvesting protein, is the BESTEST feeling in the world!


Once again, if you would like to vote for Natalie, just click HERE and like her photo. The photo with the most likes will be featured in their upcoming calendar. Good luck Natalie!

Natalie Smith
Natalie Smith


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