Yummy yummy, I've got lovin' in my tummy! Like that old '60s song, we love good eats and a West Richland Baker has perfected the "Chocolate Bomb" and you simply have to try one.

Chocolate Bombs have become the hot viral food item and a West Richland Baker is serving up the sweet treat right here in the Tri-Cities. It's a new take on a cup of hot chocolate.

Cupcake Creations has been in business for six years and the owner started sharing videos of her chocolate bombs, her creations have started turning heads. They do look fantastic and delicious!

Bombs come in a variety of drinks and range from $5 to $10 depending on if you buy a mug with your drink or not. Drinks range from pumpkin spice hot chocolate, salted caramel mocha, chai tea latte, peppermint mocha, and classic hot chocolate!

The cool thing is watching a chocolate bomb getting made, It all starts off with a chocolate ball and as the milk hits the chocolate, it melts away into an amazing drink.

If you'd like to know about these chocolate bombs, check out this great video and article from our news partner KNDU here.

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