I've been enjoying the madness of West Richland fireworks since I moved there in 2012. My dogs not so much. But with fireworks over the river in Columbia Park cancelled, along with Pasco's display at the HAPO center and just about every usual 4th of July show from here Hermiston cancelled, the show will still go on in West Richland and probably bigger than ever before. New to the area? Oh then let me explain....the West Richland fireworks are not put on by the city or at any particular time or place. Since fire works are legal there, it's the people...my neighbors and beyond, that provide the show. Hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively spent on high dollar stuff, too. I'm talking mortars that are Disney quality (along with plenty of the smaller stuff and firecrackers). Once the show gets started, it's neighborhood vs. neighborhood and the sky is filled with color almost non-stop for hours!

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