Benton County Sheriff's Office posted this on facebook:

On 04/04/2019 at about 7pm, Benton County Sheriff's Office CAGE Team deputies responded to the 200 block of Rachel Road for a female solicitor. The female was identified as 36-year old Amanda Jo Smith. Ms. Smith had her 10-year old daughter with her and together they were soliciting funds for the daughter's basketball team. Information was obtained that would indicate there is no basketball team and Ms. Smith was using the money for something other than what she was claiming.

Ms. Smith is in custody. We have identified numerous victims of the alleged crimes and are in the process of contacting them. If you were contacted by a white female with a 10 year old daughter and they were soliciting funds for a basketball team it may have been a scam. If you would like to report it please call the non-emergency number for dispatch, 509-628-0333.

Exposing your own 10-year old to this alleged behavior is so disappointing.

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