11 Secret Service Agents are under investigation for having a little to good of a time, when they should have been thinking about their jobs. The agents were in Cartagena, Columbia, in advance of the presidents arrival for the  Summit of the Americas. Apparently the guys thought it would be a great idea to go to a local strip club to go over some different plans other than what they were there for. According to U.S.News at msnbc.com, the trouble started when two of the agents tried ti stiff one of the girls that had come back to the room with them over a $50 dollar fee for the 'Fun'. The report says all 11 agents brought back dates to their rooms, only the to stirred the pot for the rest of them. This is where it gets good. The women went to the lobby of the hotel to complain to the police, who were stationed in the lobby. What kind of a first class hotel has cops just hanging out in the lobby? No wonder they went out to party, they were mad they had to stay at the no tell hotel. At what point does a Secret Service agent decide protecting the President of the United States is less important than a few drinks and hookers in your room in a foreign country. It's stuff like this that only happens in the south. "Hey Jimmie Joe, you stand under that second story winder, and I'm a gonna push that piannie off the deck and you catch it so it don't hit the ground and break,kay" "Ten four Scooter"  This group of rocket scientists included Secret Service supervisors, counter assault officers and members of the sniper team. Which one of these guys was carrying the brain that night. You would think at least one these guys would realize that this just may not be such a good idea, but one lemmings jumped and the rest of the varmints followed him over the cliff. If I were the president, I would stay at the White House for a while, in my bedroom, his Secret Service guy could be on the roof with Willie Nelson, nuff said. And just when you thought it couldn't get worse for the Secret Service, some of the 'entertainment' could have been under age. " Honey, I'm home from Columbia, where are you, hey where's all the furniture"? Good luck you skirt chasing morons. I/m sure we haven't heard the last of this story.

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