Weird Al is amazing....if you like goofy nerdy guys who write really funny parody songs.

Lots of artists have parodied by Weird Al and nobody is off-limits. Not even sweet little Taylor Swift. On his new ‘Alpocalypse’ album, which dropped on June 21, Al made fun of the ‘You Belong With Me’ singer’s big hit with his new rendition, ‘TMZ.’

The song is all about the paparazzi catching a celebrity in their private moments. Check the lyrics “If they ever catch you picking your nose / Or stumbling the street on a drunken spree / You’re on TMZ / Stalking you, just waiting by your front door / Trailing you through airport security / They’re with TMZ / They’re with TMZ.”

Hilarious stuff. For a few giggles take a little time out of your day and watch this video.