I-84 is NOW open, as well, OR 245 & OR 204 are also OPEN.


Oregon Roadways have been shut down due to snow and ice Monday morning.

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Westbound I-84 is closed at LaGrande exit 265 to all traffic and closed in Ontario at exit 374 for trucks. Multiple trucks spun out and blocked the westbound lanes between mileposts 252 and 253, just west of LaGrande.

Credit: ODOT
Credit: ODOT

Truck stops LaGrande and Baker City are at capacity. Trucks that park near freeways and communities create unsafe conditions for all travelers.

Credit: ODOT
Credit: ODOT

OR 245 & OR 204 are closed and not considered a detour for freeway traffic. Eastbound lanes are open, however, ODOT says that can change. ODOT crews are running plows to keep up.

You're advised to check conditions before you go by visiting TripCheck.com.

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