A study by Washington State University found that listening to too much Christmas music can damage your mental health.

Holiday music on constant replay can be mentally draining for employees working in shops, but it's worth the anguish for business owners, who say holiday music puts shoppers in the spending mood. About 61 percent of people experience stress during the Christmas season, according to the American Psychiatric Association. That's because "music goes right to our emotions immediately and it bypasses rationality."

And here I was blaming my relatives for my drinking. Turns out all this time it was just Rudolph.

Luckily, they only play Christmas music nine months out of the year nowadays so we should be fine.

Coca-Cola Christmas In The Park
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Given the following list of a sample of who's doing what, when, get ready, because here it comes.

Best Buy is the first (although their current slogan is "open us last" or something like that), Best Buy started playing Christmas tunes on the 22nd of OCTOBER.

Sears and Kmart are three weeks in, Office Depot and Office Max started two Saturdays ago.

Walmart fell in a week ago Monday, JC Penny will start on Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the most popular time to start. That's when you'll hear it at places like Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Nordstrom, Foot Locker, and Pottery Barn.

A smattering of stores are individually participating in the holiday spirit as of Saturday, November 18th at Columbia Center Mall.

Christmas Cheers!

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