I do a lot of skiing and I am deathly afraid of "Tree Wells" and apparently for good reason. Tree Well ski accidents claim many lives during ski season and this winter has been no exception 5 people have died so far this year.

Watch this 15 year old boy literally disappear in a fraction of a second as he fell into a tree well at a ski resort in McCall Idaho last week.

Thank god the boy was not alone as I believe he would have suffocated in mere minutes.

According to the Pacific Northwest Ski Areas Association here's how to stay safe around Tree Wells:

▪ Avoid deep snow and tree areas: Beware of deep, ungroomed powder at the edges of groomed runs.

▪ Never go alone: Ski or ride with a partner and keep him or her in sight.

▪ Ski defensively: Choose to ski and board in areas with widely spaced trees. Remove your pole straps and carry a whistle or avalanche receiver.

▪ Fight to survive: If your head is covered in snow, make breathing room around your face. Stay calm and resist the urge to struggle violently.

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