The Best Slice Of Pie In Washington Is Located In The Middle Of Nowhere

Nothing is more American than apple pie. I was once very fortunate to have a slice of apple pie that simply was the best and I discovered it on the backroads of Washington State.


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Located on State Highway 129 on your way across the Washington and Oregon border, there is a great place to grab a delightful slice of pie. Luckily for me, I once called it home.

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I was fortunate to be a foster kid to the greatest parents and I had a most unusual upbringing. You see, I grew up for a few years in a restaurant. The house and the restaurant at one time were one and the same.



One side of the house was the living area and the other side of the house was the restaurant. It was pretty cool.

Apple Pie

If you follow State Highway 129 all the way to the bottom of the Rattlesnake Grade, you'll discover a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

It's called Boggan's Oasis and through the years, it's become legendary for its amazing apple pie and its milkshakes.


The trek down the Rattlesnake Grade isn't for the faint of heart but if you can make it to the bottom of the grade, you might be able to enjoy some amazing food.

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My foster mom Pearl Boggan made the most amazing apple pies and though she is gone, her legacy lives on at a place called the Boggan's Oasis.


Boggan's Oasis has become a major stopping place for travelers on a very isolated and secluded highway.

It's a welcome sight for motorcycle clubs and fishermen who've discovered the secluded off-the-beaten-path restaurant.

facebook: boggan's oasis
facebook: boggan's oasis

If you've been planning a road trip this summer, take a trip to taste the best apple pie in the State of Washington along with your travels, you'll thank me later for it.

You can check out more about Boggan's Oasis here.

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