Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm tight with my money.

I am not cheap, however, I prefer the word FRUGAL when describing my spending. I enjoy getting a good deal. I LOVE using coupons. Have you ever seen an episode of Extreme Couponing?

It's a tv show all about people using coupons at grocery stores. These people are dilligent to the craft of saving money. Sometimes, the store owes the customer money!

But the question is: Would you pay more for products made in your home state?

According to a Reshoring Institute survey, 70% of respondents preferred American-made products. And, 83% would pay up to 20% more for domestic products. I'll be honest. I don't look at labels. I look at prices. I like paying the least amount for EVERYTHING. Hosting Advice specifically looked into how much of a premium people would pay for products produced and sold online by businesses in their home states.

• Washingtonians are willing to pay a 31% premium for products with a “Made In Washington” label.

• The survey also revealed that 32% of online shoppers specifically look for locally made products, while 40% do so occasionally.

• 28% of those surveyed said they do not consider the origin and opt for the best available option regardless of where it was made.

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Which products are consumers most willing to pay a premium for?

Batiste Dry Shampoo At Katie Gallagher Fall 2012 Fashion Show
Amy Sussman

• Health and beauty products
• Clothing and apparel
• Cars
• Electronics
• Home Appliances
• Furniture and home decor
• Food and beverages
• Sporting goods
• Children's products
• Jewelry
• Construction materials

Read more about the survey here.

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