Is your home FIREWISE? The Benton Franklin County Fire Prevention District is reminding homeowners that a little home spring clean up can go a long way in preventing a fire.

NOAA is predicting a drier than average spring- coupled with warmer than average temperatures this summer is a set up for a explosive fire season this year according to a posting by the Benton Franklin County Fire Prevention District.

They advise that it's a great time to take an afternoon and clear out dead brush, dead grasses, as well as dead and down trees around your residence and property.

Here is what they advised on their Facebook page:

The saying "The best defense is a strong offense" is a great saying to remember when preparing for the summer fire season.

The National Fire Protection Association recomends a strong greenbelt, at least 50 feet wide around all structures. The steps you can take now can be difference between a close call and a tragedy. Is YOUR home FIREWISE?


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