I know I've heard Daffy Duck mention Walla Walla, Washington at least once over the course of many different Looney Tunes episodes (hawking washing machines, etc) and in this case life imitates art.

A Walla Walla County Sheriff's Deputy ("Mallard" Maas) came across an injured duck while on patrol in College Place.

The deputy spotted an injured duck with a broken wing and got quackin' as he gently detained the bird after a "brief foot pursuit" and took the wounded duck (like few Drew Bledsoe passes) to receive proper medical attention. 

WW County Sheriff facebook
WW County Sheriff facebook

Things are just ducky now that the wounded bird has been given treatment and is resting comfortably. Maybe this story can inspire those who aspire to cop buddy movie greatness:

Starsky and Hutch

Turner and Hooch

Murtaugh and Riggs (Lethal Weapon)

Tango and Cash

Jack Kates and Reggie Hammond (48 Hours)

Virgil Tibbs and Sheriff Gillespie (In The Heat of the Night)

Plus every Bad Boys and Rush Hour ever made, I guess.

Well played, deputy, well played.

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