Congratulations to some awesome bus drivers and maintenance staff for keeping the Walla Walla School Bus fleet up to par and safe for little riders.

It was a surprise inspection on the day after Christmas and the Walla Walla School Bus fleet passed with flying colors.

It's a big honor for the Southeast Washington Transportation Cooperative.

The inspections are surprise and you never know when the inspectors will show up. The inspections happen twice a year from the Washington State Patrol.

In a press release, Transportation Director John Griffith had this to say about the staff.

“The state patrol inspectors can show up at anytime so it’s a surprise to us when they come to inspect,” said Transportation Director John Griffith. “This time two officers showed up the day after Christmas and inspected 14 of our school buses and the results were 100 percent operational.”

Washington State Patrol inspectors look for service infractions, including defective brakes out of service warning lights, loose items on the bus, cracked windshields, damaged windshield wipers and tire wear.

“Inspectors complimented the mechanics and the district for doing a fantastic job,” said Griffith. “They always enjoy their visit.”




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