A quick-thinking Richland School Bus Driver rushed to the aide of a student who had a serious crash on his bicycle and along with other White Bluffs Elementary staff, the student received quick medical care that might've not happened if it wasn't for the staff jumping to the rescue.

The Richland School District posted this story about the occurrence:

We have a great story about one of our bus drivers and some White Bluffs Elementary staff members who acted quickly to help one of our students recently.

Brian Swartswalter was driving his bus through the neighborhood around White Bluffs when he came upon a student who had a serious crash on their bike. Brian stopped the bus, contacted White Bluffs secretaries April Gosney and Coral Caldwell, and waited with the student until assistant principal April Knight and school nurse Kelly Mackey arrived.

Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Mackey brought the student back to White Bluffs until their mother could arrive, with Mrs. Mackey and health aide Carie Howard assessing the student’s injuries. The student may have been there longer if not found by Mr. Swartswalter, as the crash happened a few blocks from and out of sight of White Bluffs. The student has received medical attention, is recovering and back at school.

Thank you to all these staff members for their actions to help a student. Their commitment to serving children, whether they are at school or out in the community, is outstanding.

We salute you Mr. Swartswalter for your quick thinking and glad that you where on the scene to save the day. You can check out more on the story here.

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