When you think of doctors, you think of caring, nurturing, understanding, and compassionate people. And while this particular doctor in Walla Walla may be all of those things with his patients, he apparently isn't that way at home. I'm fortunate to have grown up in a home that was void of domestic violence, and I'll never be able to really wrap my head around it. How can you share your most intimate moments and your deepest secrets with someone, and then hurt them so badly both physically and mentally? Some people just can't walk away as they should. But an out of control temper and furious anger should result in violence. I'm sure Dr. Patel in Walla Walla wishes he would've walked away, but now he's spending 5 years behind bars after a domestic violence conviction and has had his license to practice medicine suspended. There's a chance he could get it back, though, once he is released.


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