It's a beautiful sight, watching hot air balloons rise from Howard-Tietan Park in Walla Walla and now in it's 46th year, the festival will move to Mother's Day weekend after several years of being in October.

An expected 30 - 35 hot air balloons will rise high above Walla Walla and Nite Glow is expected to return on to a Saturday night instead of a Friday night event.

That's two changes for the Walla Walla Balloon Stampede but outside of those minor tweaks, the festival is on track to be held May 6th - May 10th.

Lighter Than Air will continue to organize the event. The Stampede had moved the event to October in 2014 and was successful but the next few years was a hit and miss on the balloons being able to fly due to weather conditions.

Here is a projected list of events at the 46th Annual Walla Walla Balloon Stampede

Preliminary schedule of events:

Wednesday, May 6: Billy Blastvalve's Kids Day with tethered rides for children

Thursday, May 7: Media Day

Friday, May 8: Regular flights

Saturday, May 9: Regular flights

Sunday, May 10: Regular flights

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