We accepted submissions through 8 a.m. May 1. The polls open now to vote for the winner through 8 a.m. May 7

The winner receives:

2nd place wins $50 Bed, Bath & Beyond and 3rd place wins $50 to Lowe's Home Improvement Store.

Here's what people said about the mothers in their life:

Debbie: Anyone that knows my mom (which is a lot of people) knows that still at the age of 63, that not only is she the most extreme hearted caring person, but also a very hard working person, when she is working at Lourdes hospital, she has helped so many people and hardly ever takes time for herself, so if you guys can please vote for my mom it would mean a lot because she truly is an amazing person that does so much for everyone else, it is her time now to be pampered.

Shera: Shes always been there for my sister & I she was one hell of a Mom she fulfilled all of our needs as a child and was awesome in every aspect. To this day she continues to remain a dedicated single mom Works more than 40hrs a week but still finds the time to include us in her off time activities. My Mom is a super mom-being raised by her alone she was one kick ass parent! Alot of the time working 7days a week she still found time for her 2 girls, she would go to the extreme for us whether it was staying up all night to make us a halloween costume or laying with us till we fell asleep. She wasn't one of those moms that would bring cupcakes to school for your birthday shed stay up lengthy hours of the night to bake us a cake. Shed help us draw out homework projects,read to us & just always there to give us a Hug! This Mama deserves it all.

Geri: My mom deserves to win this because she's not only does what every mom does, cooking, cleaning, spending time with us, taking us places, and loving us unconditionally she also protects are country and freedom!!it's hard when shes gone but i know when she comes home she she is going to do what she does best being my mom:) She is the prettiest mom that I have ever seen!! She is so loving and caring,I don't know what I would do with out her she is there for me everyday when I am was down and when I am feeling sad!! I love her with all my heart!! This is why mom deserves to win this contest.
Thanks Makenzie Poston.

Vicky: I really have no idea where to begin. The last few years have been quite rough for my folks. My father lost a kidney to cancer and then a year later lost an adrenal gland to the same cancer. My mother took the best care of him. She has always been our rock. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in August she lost her left breast to it. This was followed by a horrible, life threatening anaerobic infection of her mastectomy site. After several days in the hospital she came home with a drain tube and wound vac. Fast forward through several months and 2 more infections of the site she is still trying to heal and is barely ready to begin radiation therapy. I cannot think of anyone who deserves some pampering more than my momma. She is beautiful, inside and out. She has been strong when she had no other option. She is truly the best mom I could have ever asked for.

Ranae: My mom has overcome a lot in her lifetime and she deserves a win like this! Her own mother died when she was just a teenager and she has been strong ever since. She has raised 4 amazing kids and me, and continues blessing the lives of her 7 grandchildren. She has always encouraged honesty and individuality, I could always come to her with anything. Most of all my mom deserves a win because she has been caring for me ever since I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease 6 years ago. I love you Mom!

Amber: This mom raised two kids as a single mom for many years before finding a great man to re-marry (my step-father) and having three more children. She has always been my number one best friend and main supporter. She went to Portland State University as a young mom to continue her education to be a role model to her family. She is dedicated, motivated, and opinionated at times but will be your number one fan forever and always.

Rebecca: She has raised three kids and a husband. Helped build five houses while moving across the country three times. She is super smart, she is a chemical engineer, sexy, and we have been married nearly twenty seven years. She works full time and still manages to watch the "View" , help cook supper, spend family time, and then relax with her husband. She is funny, loving, smart, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is truly my soul mate and the only woman i could ever love. She balances work and funny and tolerates me, her husband.

Kymm: My mom is the most amazing person on this planet. She raised 5 beautiful children and never once did we want for anything. She would give the shirt off her back to anyone with no questions asked. She has battled many surgeries and been going through so much pain and yet she gets up every single day and provides for her family and friends. She is the most hardworking person I have ever met and she never once has complained. She is the best mother, grandmother, friend, daughter, wife, shopping partner I have ever met in my life and I 100% can guarantee that everyone that knows her would say the exact same thing! SHE DESERVES THIS!!!

Teresia: My wife is a mother 3 children and she works nights. Hardly has aanytime for herself but always has dinner on the table. Kids are 6,5 and 2. She is perfect in my eyes and our kids.

Kelly: Give these WSU moms some love!

Janis: This mama Is incredibly selfless! She has 4 kids and has single handedly set up benefits in order to raise money for young children who have life threatening diseases and touches the life of their familes also. she has been fundraising sense her youngest daughter was born:) this mom is not only a help to other family's in need but does a wonderful job running her own kids to sports and still hosting events like bonfires at her house to bring all the family together, nobody could truly see all the good she does because you couldn't simply put it in words... but she is really the best.

Teresa: I'm nominating Teresa on behalf of our 2 children Jason (5) & Lily (3). Teresa is one of the strongest women I know. She is a survivor of childhood cancer, a military veteran of 8 years (serving 3 tours in the Middle East) and a well educated professional (holds her Masters Degree & is a manager on Hanford) all while still holding down the fort at home. I don't know how she does it but do know we would be lost without her!

Kameo: This is my best friend who is a teen mom! She is so beautiful and she is literally the sexiest mom I have ever met! She deserves it! Pick her, my mom deserves to win because she has been through so much! She had me when she was 16 and she is finishing school, and actually ahead in school to graduate. My momma is so beautiful inside and out. Not only is she one of a kind but she can NEVER be replaced. She is so talented and deserves this 1st place reward! She is only 18, but she is so outgoing and high spirited! You wouldn't pick a better winner then her.

Bernadette: First of all, my mom doesn't know I'm entering her in this contest, so shhh...don't tell! My mom deserves to win because she's beautiful inside and out. She has always been there for my brother and I-offering unconditional love and support, unsolicited but well intentioned advice, and even the occasional pep talk or kick-in-the-pants to get us motivated. Mom has worked hard to ensure that we were always taken care of and that we had memories of our childhoods that would last us a life time. She's been there for us through bad grades and broken hearts. I am proud to call her "Mom" and I believe her beauty shines from her soul. My mom deserves to win because she has spent years fighting the wrinkles and grey hairs my brother and I have left her with, and I believe she should know that she is still, and always will be, the most beautiful woman in her childrens' lives.

Ashley: She is the best mother to 4 kids, drives a lifted truck, rides dirt bikes, and is such an amazing person!

Norma: I think we deserve to win because my hot momma works her butt off everyday serving others! She saves lives and changes thousands of lives every year. She is a member of the community and honorable. My mom just found out traumatic news and is in so much pain. She deserves to smile! God bless.

Tiffani: Tiffani works a full time job, as well as goes to college and volunteers for her son's baseball team.

Karen: My momma is the hardest working most selfless person in the universe (not to mention her babe status) she's always making sure I'm doing what's right. Since I'm her daughter, she has to learn lots of patience and she does a fanTASTIC job! She's the best role model for her 3 girls. I wanna be just like her when I grow up. I love her so much!

Ashli: My sweet Ashli is the embodiment of all that is hot! Momma of four she loves and protects like a mother tiger. She puts forth a daily self sacrificing effort that is impossible to match. Always sexy, always classy, simply the best decision of my life. Her presence makes a modest home a palace. I want her to be treated like the princess she is to me.

Jeanette: My mom Jeanette should win because she is the best mom in the entire world and she deserves it.

Jennifer: Strong Loving Caring Patient Understanding.

Joyce: My Mom deserves to win this because she saved my life, works 3 jobs and takes college courses online.

Terry: My mom deserves to win, because she is the best! She raised 5 children playing both the mother and the father figure and is now raising 2 grand children. She will do anything for anyone without complaining nor wanting anything in return. She is the best women a girl could ask for. I think she would be the best candidate for this because she deserves to be pampered and dined on this special Mothers Day!

Leticia: She has done everything for the family working and taking care of bills.

Tammy: Because she is hard working, decided to children and community. She make everything fun.

Tammy C.: The woman on the left is my beautiful mother-in-law Tammy Cullison. Not only is she one of the strongest woman I know, she has a heart of gold. She has experienced a life of hardships including several health problems and the lose of her 3 year old son. Despite every downfall, she gets up every morning and conquers every single challenge and continues to be best mother to her 3 children (4 including me) She is my idol and I am so proud to call her my mom.

Priscilla: She has pushed me to do better and she supports me even though she might not always agree with me.I love her to death and is the Best mom in the world. She has touched many people's hearts with her kindness and generosity.Even if she has nothing to offer she will always be there for you. She has showed up to all events special to me and my sisters.She has also been a loving wife to my dad. She makes our lives better.When times get tough she will be the first to help because she knows how it feels like to not be able to do anything.She also helps people in need because when her family came to the USA they had nothing.This is why I think she deserves to win and I hope u agree to.

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