We've all seen pictures of murder hornets. But each one was a solo find. Now bug experts (entomologist is too fancy) have actually found a whole nest of them thanks to a mini radio signal attached to one murder hornet that was captured. Ever been to Blain, WA? It's north of Seattle, way up next to the Canadian border. The murder hornet nest was found near there, just east of Blaine. The bug experts (entomologist doesn't even sound like bug stuff) created clever traps that captured some of the murder hornets alive. They put little tiny baby radio transmitters on them and set them free.

While so many creatures are on the endangered list and close to extinction, the murder hornets don't get to be so lucky. Nobody's worried about murder hornets attacking people, even though about 50 people every year die from their stings in Japan. The reason they want to nuke the nest is because of the damage they cause to other extremely helpful insects, like honey bees. You know how important honey bees are to agriculture, and murder hornets can destroy an entire hive in minutes.

The bug experts (entomologist if you're fancy) planned to destroy the nest today (Fri 10/23) but the weather is postponing that until tomorrow. I think you need better weather to create the carnage that's about to come down on these bad boys.


Now...are there more nests? Stay tuned!


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