Washington DOT Released Pictures Of Chinook Pass Clearing

One of Washington State's most beautiful passes is under snow for a good portion of the year and can be inaccessible for a good part of the year but it does provide some gorgeous and breathtaking photos

Credit: WA DOT
Credit: WA DOT

WA DOT Does A Ton Of Work To Clear The Pass

My wife and I took a road trip a few years back in the fall and we tried to go up Chinook Pass right before it closed down for the winter. It was one of the more beautiful drives and worth the trip.

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It was funny that we did get stopped by a massive tree on the road and we decided to turn back.

Luckily, the Washington State Department of Transportation has posted some amazing photos of the pass being cleared in hopes of a Memorial Day opening.

Credit: WA DOT
Credit: WA DOT

Chinook Pass In Washington Is One Of The Passes That Closes Down For Winter

WA DOT posted on their Facebook page the progress of clearing the pass:

Latest update from clearing SR 410 Chinook Pass: We've cleared four miles past the gate and are now entering the major avalanche area. We've seen 80-100 inches of new snow the first three weeks of April with more snow along with fog this week. The next two weeks show cooler and wetter than normal conditions. We're getting into some deep slides which require quite a bit of work with bulldozers before snow blowers can get in. Snow depth at the arch is about 14 feet high, which is pretty average. Still no ETA for opening but our goal remains Memorial Day weekend.

Washington DOT posted these amazing photos below:

Washington State's DOT 10 Astonishing Pictures of Chinook Pass Snow Fall

Check out these amazing photos of Chinook Pass getting cleared by the Washington State Department Of Transportation

I know a lot of us can't wait for the pass to open for some amazing views and road trips.

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