I don't mind wearing a mask, and I don't get bothered by people who don't. I'm vaccinated and boostered, and if you don't want to be, that's okay with me. You should also know that I've had a close friend die from covid-19, and two that were hospitalized and doctors didn't think they were going to make it, but thankfully did.

But I just don't care to get into this mess of do this don't do that, or you should do exactly as I do. That being said, the Washington State Department of Health has posted an interesting and maybe helpful mask upgrade suggestion (below). However, they do note that the best mask is the one that you are wearing, even if it's not top-notch.

My Crown Royal whiskey bag keeps anyone's spittle from hitting my nose or mouth and smells like a factory. Maybe I should soak it in some crown? Also, I probably should buy the smaller bottle.


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