It's like a modern-day real-life Footloose where the adults don't want the teenagers to have fun!

Chesapeake, Virginia is seemingly taking the sweetness out of one of America's favorite holidays. Kids over 14 that go trick-or-treating are subject to a fine $250, as it's a misdemeanor. Anyone else going trick-or-treating after 8 PM is also subject to the same punishment. Wow, why not just ban it altogether? Chesapeake sure knows how to have fun. Just think, it's more "relaxed" than it used to be. It had been anyone over 12 was subject to a fine. The previous law had been enacted in 1970 in response to an incident in 1968 when people threw firecrackers into the bags of trick-or-treaters.

However, it's interesting to note that nobody has ever been arrested and police don't patrol looking for "overage" candy-seekers. They are watching to make sure cars aren't speeding. Chesapeake Spokesperson Heath Covey cleared the air saying, "Anyone over 14 who trick or treats in Chesapeake will not receive anything but candy," and said that the ordinance will not prevent people from having a safe and fun Halloween.

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