Check out this video making the viral rounds that seems to show a snowfall from the surface of a comet!
The story behind the video makes the images in the video even cooler. says the GIF going around is from the European Space Agency's groundbreaking 2016 Rosetta mission that landed on the surface of Comet 67-P.
The Rosetta's Philae lander picked up a variety of still images from the comet's surface. But recently a Twitter user took all of the freely available images and pieced them into a short clip.
The "snowstorm" seen in the video is likely two or three different phenomena creating the snowy effect. Up close to the camera, dust particles backlit by the sun are likely moving around, mimicking the look of snow on Earth. Cosmic rays may also be creating snow-like artifacts on the images. Dots in the background that appear to be falling are likely stars. They appear to be moving because the comet is rotating as it orbits the sun every 6.5 years.
The clip has also been sped up a great deal, enhancing the drama, but still incredibly cool.

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