The old saying goes, "tragedy plus time equals comedy", or Spider-man might say it like "with great panic, comes great comedy." However you want to describe it, the people that can take all the mass hysteria, fear and uncertainty, and laugh at it, as well as make others laugh, should be counted as some of the heroes in times like these. Especially if they can inspire others.

This brings me to Bonnie von Duyke, a freelance musician who says on her YouTube page how: "Many musicians and freelancers are losing work at this time. Concerts and events are being cancelled right and left. Being a freelance artist myself, I’m not giving up..." She along with a couple of her friends (musician Emer Kinsella & cinematographer Kristen Brancaccio) decided to entertain the emptiness of the toilet paper isle at their local grocery store in homage to the timeless scene of Titanic. If you like what you see, Bonnie is for hire & she has even more amazing videos on her YouTube page. But in honor of the scary times of COVID-19, here is "Ode to RMS Toilet Paper -“I’ll never let go”.

If you have no clue what she's parodying, here's the clip from the amazing film Titanic. "Gentlemen It has been a privilege playing with you tonight."


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