This past Saturday history was made in Umatilla County! Okay, maybe it's not all that dramatic. Kind Leaf, a retail marijuana outlet, opened it's doors in Pendleton. The store it the first of its kind in the county. Retail marijuana stores have to spend thousands on permits and jump through a LOT of hoops and paperwork to get the okay to open. After months of going through the process, Kind Leaf opened to an eager crowd on Saturday. Apparently, they had nearly 100 customers stop by -- even lining up before opening time.

Kind Leaf has a very stylized website (must be 21 and over to visit site) which will soon include a menu of products. It seems that the people of Pendleton are excited about having the store. So much so that the ATM ran out of cash the first day. Pro tip: if you're 21 and over and want to check out the shop, bring cash! Due to federal regulations, retail marijuana sales transactions can only be done in cash. Also remember, driving while under the influence is still punishable by law (like driving drunk) so if you choose to smoke, eat, or otherwise consume pot, get a bag of chips and stay home! :)

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