I remember the first time I was ever in an Ulta store. It was the Kennewick location by the Mall. My wife's birthday was coming up and she needed a new makeup case. I also knew that she was running low on her favorite shampoo and conditioner. I figured I'd just hop on into the store, and hop on out having spent $30 tops. I was sorely mistaken! No worries, though, as I am a believer in 'you get what you pay for.' I don't have a shampoo preference, any ol' thing will do...but that's how guys are. And I've seen her struggle with her hair when she uses cheap shampoo and conditioner. (Man, it's great to be a guy!) So when I read about the Richland suspected shoplifters that apparently made off with about three thousand dollars worth of merchandise from Ulta, I initially thought that would be impossible. Then I remembered my trip to Ulta. That stuff is not cheap! So I guess filling your pockets with $3k worth of product wouldn't be all that difficult.

Maybe you know someone who smells great, has super nice hair, and their makeup is always perfect? Do they look like the suspects below? RPD would like your help. If folks like this are not caught, the prices at Ulta might go up even higher...and you don't want that, do you?



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