Police even made reference to it in their report, not one of their more favorite clean up situations.

Wednesday afternoon, officers responded to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of 10th and Olympia. Fortunately, only one driver was transported to Trios Southridge ER with non-life threatening injuries. They will be OK.

No word on which vehicle was at fault, or what led to the accident specifically, but Police said the intersection was snarled for a number of hours due to paint clean up.

It's estimated there were at least 6-7 five-gallon or larger buckets of bright white paint in the back of the truck, belonging to the Belza Painting and Resurfacing Company, based out of Kennewick. The crash not only flattened some of it's tires, but the paint decided it needed to go flying onto the roadway...almost ALL of it.

Enough paint was finally scraped and washed away to prevent it from gumming up tires and painting peoples passing vehicles when they didn't need or want it!

The officer who provided the public information report said "this stuff is not easy to clean up!"

It's not known if it was latex or oil base, hopefully latex.  It cleans up with water!

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