In case you didn't know, two Tri-Cities DJS (Raleigh from Hot 97.5 and Stacy Lee from The Key and KORD) are going to be on Beat Shazam, that awesome music game show with Janie Foxx! The two filmed the episode back in December of 2017 and have had to keep quiet until now. Hey, they don't want to give any spoilers! Well the date is set, and Raleigh and Stacy will be on the Season Finale of Beat Shazam Tuesday, September 18th at 8 pm on FOX!!

The official viewing party is open to anyone who wants to come and share in this awesome event, AND you can play along with the Shazam app for a shot at $10,000! And if nothing else, see if you can do better than our DJs did! The party starts at 6:30 at Gaslight in Richland. They will have specials going, and at 7pm they'll show a "practice" show so people can get a hang of what it's like to play along with an episode. So when the finale starts, everyone will be ready to play! So come early, grab a spot and enjoy this fun night where Tri-Cities is represented to the world!

Raleigh answered some "behind the scenes" questions below. Take a look and see what she had to say about the experience and advice she has for anyone looking to try to get on Beat Shazam for season 3!

What was Jamie Foxx like?

Raleigh: He is incredible! He's funny and caring and brings so much energy and entertainment two the whole day. Filming the show takes a long time and even when we had to take breaks Jamie kept the party going with us and with the crowd. They had a piano on a little side stage, and if we needed to pause for a bit for technical stuff he went to the piano and played and sang. He's a great host and natural entertainer.
What you think of his daughter Corinne being the DJ?
Raleigh: She's so great! Their dynamic is amazing, and the family vibe is so fun. They give each other an hard time, but she keeps her dad on his toes. They are so sweet to watch together. She brings something a little extra to the show. And her outfits are amazing!
Without giving any spoilers, what was a cool or interesting thing that happened on the day of filming?
Raleigh: Well, I don't want to spoil the TV magic, but we did spend time with the other teams we were up against in the 'green room' before going on. We were shy about talking to them at first, but once we all got chatting it was pretty awesome. We're actually all still in touch, so thanks to the show we have new friends in St. Louis and Boston!
Have you been playing along all season to see if you could have beaten other teams?
Raleigh: Yes, but it's much harder in person. The pressure of being on the show in real life is insane.  The crowd, the lights, Jamie being right there, and knowing that real money is on the line makes for a very stressful but absolutely incredible atmosphere. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget! When you think of how many people apply for the show vs. how many people actually ever get on a game show, it's an honor to just to male the cut. We are so lucky to have had this chance. We're stoked to finally share it with our friends and families and fans!
The show has been renewed for a 3rd season, what advice do you have for people who want to audition to get on?
Raleigh: Be big. Be fun. Know your music. Bring your best and most energetic self to the table and really know your stuff! Study all kinds of hit music from rap, to country, to rock, and everything in between because you never know what they're going to play! And smile. It's important to smile and have a blast!
Learn how to play along with this video tutorial! See you at the party!

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