Photo Credit Stacy Lee
Photo Credit Stacy Lee

Did you know that back in 1978 when the Cable Bridge became operational, it was the first major cable-stayed bridge to be built in the United States? It was also the second-longest of its kind in the whole wide world at the time, according to Wikipedia. Everybody calls it the Cable Bridge, but it's actually the Ed Hendler Bridge. He was a former mayor of Pasco and headed up the committee responsible for getting the whole idea of the bridge up and running and raising the funds.

I usually drive to work over the Blue Bridge, but sometimes take the Cable Bridge home if I have business to do in Kennewick or maybe lunch to pick up lol. I will tell you this, I don't care if you're in a supreme handling Ferrari, I can't imagine doing 100 miles an hour over the Cable Bridge. Well, that's exactly what happened yesterday and troopers are still looking for the speed demon. They found the car, but no driver! Click HERE to read the full story and see a picture of the car. Maybe you can help troopers out on this one. Look for a guy (or gal) that has a 100 mph wind-blown look of pure excitement mixed with fear and a little satisfaction.

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