A Trios Health employee has been fired after disclosure the employee accessed hundreds of patient medical records without authorization. Trios Health states affected patients have been notified as a precaution, as a thorough investigation is underway.

Patients whose information has been compromised have the option to enroll in free identify theft protection and credit card monitoring services for one year at Trios Health's expense.

The compromised information pertains to Trios Heath visits, diagnoses, and personal information like addresses, phone numbers, driver's license numbers and even Social Security Numbers.

About 600 patients records were accessed between October 2013 and March 2017 by a single employee outside of normal job functions. This fired employee had access to the EHR system to perform job responsibilities but looked up additional patient records that had nothing to do with the function of the job.

These violations will likely bring fines based on multiple factors from the State Attorney General and Office of Civil Rights. It is not clear what corrective measures will be mandated nor what the total fines accumulation will be.

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