What Makes Tri-City Taps Different?

Grabbing a cold one in Pasco is about to get more interesting... More fun! More interactive.

Tri-City Taps is a new taproom for beer and wine lovers that is opening in June, and what sets them apart from the competition is that you will be able to pour your own drink. It's our area's first adult-beverage self-serve-tap situation.

Why Would I Want to Pour My Own Beverage?

Well... Bartenders get busy, and it can take a minute to get their attention, especially if you're competing with a large group of thirsty customers, so the obvious benefit is that it's a faster way to get beer in your belly.

Another plus is that YOU are the only person handling your glass. During the pandemic you may have noticed the occasional server, masked-up and seemingly doing everything right, who then hands you your drink with their bare fingers, gripping the rim where your mouth goes. Ick.

Also: it's fun to grab an empty pint glass and play bartender.

How Many Taps Does Tri-City Taps Have?

Tri-City Taps will have 50 different beers, wines and other beverages on their tap wall. They say, "a rotating selection of craft, seasonal and domestic beers, wines, and ciders will be offered..." So pour yourself something you've never had before; some new craft brew with interesting ingredients and flavor notes. That's the fun of craft beer; finding something unique. Special. Exceptional. Don't be the dud that orders a domestic light beer that you can buy at the grocery store. 

How Do They Keep Track of My Drinks?

You'll get a wristband, similar to the kind you get at some theme-parks for Fast Passes and VIP perks, and it will be keeping track of your tab. You'll be able to see your total as well, so that you can make good drinking/budget decisions.

Who Came Up With This Idea?

The self-pour technology and business model comes from a company called iPourIt.

Does Tri-City Taps Serve Hard Alcohol?

Tri-City Taps will have a full bar, but you won't be pouring cocktails yourself. That will require a good old-fashioned conversation with the bartender or a server.

Will Tri-City Taps Have Food?

Some tap-rooms don't have much in the way of food; maybe pretzels, and peanuts, though they'll let you bring in your own munchies. But while Tri-City Taps identifies itself as a "tap-room," it will have a food menu that includes bar staples like pizza, beer, hot wings and street tacos.

Where Is Tri-City Taps Located?

Tri-City Taps is located at 5236 Outlet Drive, Pasco, WA 99301

When Will Tri-City Taps Be Open for Business?

You can get your fingers on those handles sometime in June. In the meantime, keep your eye on Tri-City Taps' Instagram for updates.

Bottom Line

This sounds like it will be a great joint to add to your recreation rotation. The only thing they could do wrong at this point is have lousy beers and awful-tasting food. And you know what? If the beer is good (and with 50 taps, you've gotta' find one or two you like), the food doesn't matter all that much.

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