The chances of this happening are almost as random as picking a perfect NCAA men's hoops bracket! But Michael Waltrip again proved why he's one of the most popular and good guys in NASCAR. In this case, what happens in Vegas, needs to be told.

Waltrip is the younger brother of Darrel Waltrip, and has won several Daytona 500's and other races. But he's perhaps best known as one of the funniest, friendliest and popular drivers in the sport's history. He's pretty much retiring this year, but is still running a handful of races.

But what happened in Vegas was a dream for a Tri-City racing family.  I have known the Brown family of Kennewick, Dawn and Jessie, and their kids Tyler and Tiffany, for years. Jesse won a ton of races and championships at the now-closed Tri-City Raceway and regional races too. His children also have won racing Legend Cars, and are now working on a Late Model (looks like a Cup car) program.

While in Vegas this week for the Monster Energy Cup Race, the Brown's got in their rental car, and found Michael Waltrip's wallet! It apparently happened Wednesday. They were attending the race with friends, and got the shock of their lives when they found it in the car.

As they said on their Facebook page, Dawn and Jessie spent an hour trying to track him down, but they did, and were able to meet up with the NASCAR legend. Waltrip posed for some pictures, and autographed their pit badges. And, if his Fox Sports broadcasting duties permit him some time, he hopes to pop by their suite area where they will be sitting, and pay them a visit.

Like thousands of fans have said in the past, their interaction with him was great. But what are the chances of getting in your rental car, and finding something that belongs to a famous person, especially a sports figure at the event that you're attending?!?  A once-in-a-lifetime event.


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