It's crazy to think that an event that has been going on for more than 40 years is suddenly going to cease to exist. But that is the case with the Tri-Cities Wine Festival. It has been canceled for a couple of years in a row to the coronavirus pandemic, but now organizers say that it will be canceled forever and ever. According to a report, one of the main reasons it is being canceled is due to an increase of local tasting rooms and other similar wine events across the region. But there was a time when the Pasco Red Lion was jam-packed with wine enthusiasts for this event. The Tri-Cities Wine Festival often featured nearly 400 different wines. For the full story click HERE.

I'm a long way away from being a wine enthusiast, but I do love a good glass of Cabernet once in a while. I remember quite some years ago when I got a bonus at work and decided to celebrate with a fancy bottle of wine. Instead of my usual $8 bottle of wine, I spent $40 on a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. I drove home so excited to open it and let it breathe. Because I heard that's what you're supposed to do! Then finally came the moment when the wine touched my lips. I was giddy with anticipation of how wonderful this much more expensive wine must be.

It tasted the same. I drank the whole bottle and never spent more than $12 or $15 on a bottle of wine again LOL.


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