I was sitting in the studio looking ahead at the weather forecast and couldn't help but notice a little downturn in the daily temperatures for the Tri-Cities


How Cold Is Tri-Cities Washington In February?

It's been nice the last few weeks and it hasn't even really felt like winter with our daily temperatures getting as high as 65 on some days last week but that's about to change next week.

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According to the Northwest Weather Service, we've been averaging 10-15 degrees above our regular February temperatures but that's going to change next week.

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The Columbia Basin will do a sharp dive for a few days. We'll go from 60 degrees daily high on Friday the 18th to 35 degrees on Tuesday the 22nd.

What's The Daily High Temperature For The Tri-Cities In February

The cold snap will cover Wednesday the 23rd and then temperatures will start going back up and we'll start getting back to the '60s in early March.

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We've enjoyed some nice days over the last few weeks but it looks like some windy and cold days are in store for us next week.

credit: weather.com
credit: weather.com

The sharp drop in our daily high temperature means a quick drop in our nightly low temperature as well. We will see the regular lows go from the high 30's to a cold 18 degrees on Tuesday, February 22nd.

What's The Average Nightly Low For Tri-Cities In February?

The nightly lows will stay with us for a few weeks even as the daily highs start increasing again. You can check out the upcoming week's weather forecast and more details on the future forecasts through the National Weather Service here.

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