Tri-Cities is a great place to work and raise a family but I haven't thought about it being the most beautiful place in the Northwest until I saw this video.

One YouTuber IS proclaiming that Tri-Cities IS the most beautiful place in the Northwest and his drone video footage makes it hard to argue with.

Is Tri-Cities Washington A Pretty Place To Live?

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YouTuber Dream Haven Creative said on their page that they really wanted to capture the soul of the Tri-Cities beyond the wineries rich tech reputation of the Tri-Cities and I think they've done a great job at doing that.

Take A Look At This Awesome Drone Footage Of The Tri-Cities

The video is breathtaking no doubt and you see some amazing sights. It's almost like you wish you could soar like a bird and see the entire Tri-Cities from the sky.

Take a look at the video:

Of course, once you put a statement out like that, people are going to challenge you. A lot of the comments on the proclamation were positive but there's always a few who disagree with you.

User Bolson Sports posted his thoughts on the Tri-Cities and it's beauty:

Have Lived in the Tri-Cities for 40 years. Here are some opinions and some facts. Is it beautiful? The river and surrounding hills can be, but its a desert with 3 rivers running through it so I wouldn't put beauty as one of its great assets. Its not a forest. Is the crime high. No not compared to many other places in Washington. Some people commenting here are not using any facts. Pasco was bad in the 90's with gangs but it has significantly improved. Here are some facts from neighborhood scout. Violent crime per 1000 residents. Tacoma 8.44, Seattle 6.33, Spokane 6.26, Vancouver 3.72, Kennewick 2.61, Pasco 2.11, Richland 1.81. So the Tri Cities has significantly less violent crime per ca-pita among the 4 most populous areas in Washington state. Yes the schools are very full. The place has doubled its population in the past 30 years and is now upwards of 300,000 people counting the close surrounding rural areas.Yes there are some illegal immigrants here but find me a place in the country with lots of agricultural jobs that doesn’t. Most of Pasco is just fine. Housing is very affordable compared to other similarly populated areas. There is plenty of work. There are plenty of water sports with all the Rivers. If youre wanting a place where you will have all kinds of entertainment on every corner then go to New York. If youre wanting a great place to raise a family this is the place for you. Almost zero traffic. Hot summers (95-100 deg), fairly cold winters, beautiful falls, and fairly windy springs. Most beautiful place? No. Great place to start a family or to get a job? Yes.

That was the worst of the 118 comments on the video and I don't really qualify that comment as being negative.

Is Beauty Really In The Eye Of The Beholder?

I know we'll get some study or survey that might have factual information about the standard of living in the Tri-Cities but as they say, beauty is the eye of the beholder!

Tri-Citians are pretty proud of their towns and they should be.

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