Are you ready to take the plunge for Special Olympics Washington? There's nothing like jumping into the Columbia River on a cold February day (really), so get registered and get ready to jump at the time you choose and share your video!

With COVID-19 restrictions in place things will be a little different this year - but just as fun! Special Olympics Washington invites you to come together and join participants from around the nation and SIGN UP, SPLASH and SHARE your plunge online. You'll be raising money and support for children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Washington State.

Registration is open now - you can do it as an individual or form you're own "Quaran-team". Once you're signed up, you can start raising donations from friends, family and co-workers. Then join the thousands of other plungers February 22 through 26th - jump any time during those dates. Make sure you have someone to video and document your plunge and share it with your friends and the Special Olympics social pages - #polarplungechallenge.

Here's a few tips from someone (me) who's made the plunge many times over the years. Have one or more friends on site to support you - the water is extremely cold and it could require some help walking after the plunge - your feet will go numb in seconds. Bring a large towel so you can dry off quickly and extra warm clothes to put on immediately after your plunge. If you can, have someone in your vehicle with the heat on high, this will get you warmed up even faster. Don't stay in the water too long. I recommend you not stay in the water for any longer than 45 seconds - trust me, even 15 seconds feels like an eternity. Prepare yourself mentally for the shock to your muscles and a natural gasping reflex - keep your mouth closed until your head is above water. Lastly, I suggest not jumping into water over your head and no diving (gasping reflex underwater - not good). My plan is to run into the river, dunk myself and then run out - LOL.

Happy plunging!

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