Do you enjoy Italian food?

In the Tri-Cities area, we're really fortunate to have quite a few Italian restaurants. Although, we did lose a Kennewick favorite when Carmine's closed their doors in December-2019.

Whether you reside in Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, or anywhere in between, when it comes to Italian fare, there are a few places you can visit. Some are family-friendly. Some are perfect for a date.

We've compiled a list of the 8 best Italian restaurants in Tri-Cities.

Most Outstanding Italian Restaurants in Tri-Cities

Mamma Mia! We have the best Italian restaurants in Tri-Cities! Pick your pasta and your sauce. Maybe some bread to mop up all the sauce? All price ranges, kid-friendly or just the adults. Maybe for date night or family night, these are the 8 popular places in the Tri-Cities area for a delicious Italian dinner.

Caio Trattoria in Pasco came on the scene not too long ago, with a pretty interesting story.

Have you been to any of the above restaurants? Which is your favorite?

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Truthfully, I've only been to Olive Garden and Casa Mia, so I'm looking forward to visiting all the other Italian restaurants. I'm not picky when it comes to pasta. And, I prefer spaghetti!

Who doesn't enjoy a high-piling plate of spaghetti with sauce?


Meatballs, anyone?


It doesn't even matter what kind of sauce. While I, personally enjoy a meat sauce, some just prefer sauce, with no meat. Red sauce or alfredo and so many options.

One restaurant we don't have in Tri-Cities is Fazoli's.

Fazoli's Facebook
Fazoli's Facebook

Years ago, while living in South Bend, IN, Fazoli's was my favorite go-to restaurant. It's sort of like a fast-food Olive Garden. You choose your pasta, sauce, pizza, salad, whatever. And, they have wonderful breadsticks. I do wish we had a Fazoli's in Tri-Cities.

We do have a lot of restaurants (not just Italian) that serve some pretty fantastic pasta dishes, too.

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