A local bakery in West Richland is doing a wonderful thing for foster kids right here in the Tri-Cities. They are making birthday cakes for foster kids and have teamed up with non-profit Mo's Place to help get the word out in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla.

As a former foster kid, I know that kids coming into the system have little to no joy bouncing from home to home so thanks to TSP Bakeshop and Mo's Place, kids will be able to enjoy a birthday cake on their big day.

The organizers of Mo's Place said in a recent interview with KAPP/KVEW TV the reason why they are spearheading this new initiative.

“As licensed foster parents we realize celebrating our children is super important, even on small things but especially birthdays and holidays are very very big to them,” said Stephanie, a co-founder of the nonprofit. “It’s a day about them and it’s super exciting and super special.”

Each cake costs roughly $15 and Mo's Place is taking donations on their website. TSP Bakeshop is offering three varieties of cakes and you can apply for the cakes through Mo's Place. The kids will also get Dairy Queen certificates and other gifts.

You can read more about the free cakes here and make a donation to help out foster kids here.

One of my most cherished memories of being a foster kid was when my foster parents let me bake my own cake. I think I was about eight or nine and I got to make the cake from start to finish. The funny thing is my cake collapsed and I'm sure it was because I kept opening up the oven while it was cooking.

My cake was vanilla with yellow frosting (my favorite color) and had one of those candy super-heroes on top that resembled Superman. It was a baking fail but for me, it was the best cake I've ever tasted!

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