This week is going to be a hot one in the Tri-Cities this week. Temperatures are trying to reach 108 on Monday. If we do reach those levels, it'll be a record for us here in the Tri-Cities but there is another place on Earth that even the hot temperatures of Tri-Cities can't compare.

Our average record temps in the Tri-Cities are around 100 for the month of August so when we are complaining about the temps, be thankful that you don't live in Death Valley.

Death Valley is a desert valley in Eastern California near the Mojave Desert and one of the hottest places on Earth.

Its average daily temperature is 90 degrees and its lowest daily temperature is about 63 degrees.

Death Valley fluctuates high above 90 and plummets below 65 degrees throughout the year and 2020 has Death Valley claiming to be the hottest place on Earth again with a record-scorching day of 130 degrees.

It's not the all-time Death Valley record of 134 set back in 1913 but still hotter than hot!

I've decided if I'm gripping about the hot temperatures in the Columbia Basin, I just have to remember that it compares nothing to Death Valley.

The crazy thing is, my dog Barkley doesn't care how hot it is on any given day, he just wants to play fetch 24/7. Stay hydrated and stay safe and be happy that our temperatures compare nothing to Death Valley.


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