Here are 15 Of The Best Take-Out Restaurants In Tri-Cities Washington

If you are looking for some of the best places to grab grub in the Tri-Cities, we've compiled a few from your recommendations.

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My favorite restaurant in The Tri-Cities for takeout food is __________

We asked the question on our Facebook page and you responded in droves.

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We spied a few of our regular suspects that always seem to make our lists but I also spotted a few new entries that we've never mentioned before.

It was interesting that when it comes to take-out, Asian cuisine seems to rule the day in the Tri-Cities.

It seems like we are more willing to grab Chinese food on the way home compared to a lot of other food choices. It was interesting to note that food that could be saved and served the next day was quite popular and it only makes sense that Chinese food, sandwiches, and pizza would make our list.

El Fat Cat, Hot Tamales, Burger Ranch, and Porter's scored high on the comments but there were a few restaurants that kept rising to the top of the comments and we are going to spotlight the top 15 of those restaurants below.

We've also used Yelp to compile our list and you'll be able to click on each photo that will send you to a landing page for each restaurant, making it easy for you to navigate and investigate.

15 Of Tri-Cities Best Take-Out Restaurants That You'll Love

You voted these 15 restaurants in Tri-Cities Washington as the best places to get take-out food.

Man, now I'm hungry. I hope you enjoyed our list of 15 of the best Tri-Cities take-out restaurants and we've compiled even more food selections below:

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