A new airline has been added to the lineup at Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco. How long has it been since you've been on an airplane? As Covid restrictions are being lifted, this may be a great time to consider a family vacation to Disneyland.


Avelo Airlines will begin offering nonstop flights Between Pasco and Hollywood Burbank Airport three times a week beginning April 29th.

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The Hollywood Burbank airline features many non-stop flights to several western destinations. Some of those locations are Eugene, Bend/Redmond and Medford, Oregon, Bozeman, Montana, Ogden-Salt Lake, Utah, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona. Introductory one-way fares are $19.

The airline's website says:

Avelo offers non-stop flights from Hollywood Burbank Airport to the west’s most beautiful destinations, from wine regions to national parks to cultural hubs. Traveling to small, well-located airports means smoother travel that saves you money.

Avelo Airlines also offers non-stop flights from Hollywood Burbank to Arcata-Eureka, Redding, and Santa Rosa-Sonoma County, California.

As for those Tri-Citians wanting to vacation in southern California, the airline promises convenience:

Faster, smoother travel that saves you money. Why travel through LAX if you don’t have to? Hollywood Burbank Airport gets you to and from Los Angeles without the hassle LAX is famous for. There is no need to deal with rental car shuttles or endless searches for your rideshare; be on your way just steps from the gate.

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Now might be the time to book your flight reservations.

Learn more about Avelo Airlines here.

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